Sound strategic planning exists at the heart of virtually every successful business endeavor. The digital world is no exception.

Guided by its rStrategy approach, WDH produces high returns for companies seeking to leverage and incorporate Internet-based technologies. WDH's rStrategy focuses on providing a clear vision of your company's goals, and then delivering precise development roadmaps detailing how to reach those goals. The rStrategy approach starts with the evaluation of your company's short- and long-term goals and needs, as well as the definition of success points and milestones. Our team works with you to define and understand your business, brand, and marketing needs. We analyze your customers' needs, establish measurability, and explore how to make best use of tried-and-true Internet technologies to maximize your company's return on investment.

  rStrategy Approach  
Discovery and identification of business goals  
Evaluation of resources  
Definition of brand and technology strategies  
Creation of design and development roadmaps (blueprints)  

The rStrategy process serves to build an effective bridge between strategy and tactics, between your business's goals and your customer's experience, between "what to build" and "how to build it."

Real Solutions for Real Business Problems

As architects and builders of digital businesses, much of our work at WDH is considered to be "virtual." The business results of our work, however, are quite real. We formulate our technology solutions to make business processes more efficient, reduce operating costs, improve cycle times, exploit new opportunities, enhance relationships with customers, and build customer loyalty. In short, we maximize your company's return on investment.

At WDH, we fully understand that business strategy and requirements should define technology solutions -- and not vice versa (the tail shouldn't wag the dog). We have a deep understanding of how technology can enable winning business processes. And drawing on our many years of experience in the industry, we recognize that in the architecture and building of digital enterprises, that flexibility is critical.